A Day in the Life of a Keto Dieter

May 17, 2021

Beep! Beep! Beep! Your alarm goes off.

It is 6:30am, and it is time to wake up, and as Joe Rogan would say, it is time to “own the day.”

You have been asleep for the past eight hours, which means you are about halfway through your intermittent fasting keto schedule for the day.

Only eight more hours to go until your first meal!

Admittedly, you are a tad hungry, but to maintain ketosis you have to stick to the plan.

So, what do you do?

Sneak Peek of the Keto Lifestyle

You make your way to the kitchen for your first un-meal meal of the day, the ultimate keto “breakfast,” Bulletproof coffee.

What is it?

It is simply coffee blended with ghee and MCT oil. (We like Bulletproof brand Brain Octane Oil.) When blended, the drink becomes frothy and surprisingly filling. This is due to the large amount of fat found in ghee and MCT oil.

One of the philosophies behind the keto diet schedule is that fats take longer to digest than other macros, so when you up your intake of healthy fats, they will help you stay full longer, and you will need to consume fewer calories overall.

While the coffee is brewing, you chug an 8-ounce glass of water. You will need 16 of these to reach your daily quota. Water is extremely important to help flush all the fat out of your system.

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Everything You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting on Keto


Those first few sips of keto coffee hit you like rocket fuel, and your day has officially begun. After sucking down a couple of cups, you are ready to move and break a quick sweat before getting to work.

With the pandemic still in effect, the gym is no longer in the cards for you, at least for the time being. You decide that a quick 20-minute HIIT training will have to suffice. You turn up the stereo, and you’re off!

Burpees, mountain climbers, squat jumps, jumping jacks, skaters, mogul jumps, and repeat! With high-intensity interval training, you can totally exhaust yourself in just 20 minutes.

Cardio and fat burning go hand-in-hand, making HIIT a quintessential element in living a keto lifestyle. This is the perfect routine to kickstart your fat-burning mission for the day.

We advise consuming a small serving of fat within 30 minutes of a cardio workout to help your muscles recover.

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You pop a quick cheesecake flavored fat bomb in your mouth and chug two more 8-oz cups of water.

With the one that you had throughout the workout, you are a quarter of the way to your goal of a gallon. Time to hit the shower!

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You are all clean, dressed, and ready. You head down to the kitchen to pack a quick lunch, and you will be on your way to the office. The keto lifestyle takes a little bit of planning ahead and a long-term commitment to see and maintain results.

You understand this and are in it for the long haul.

Since yesterday was Sunday, you had some time for meal prepping. (Way to go! Good on you.) You made a loaf of Keto Bread to get you through the week.

You grab two slices and make a sandwich, loaded with avocado (yay for healthy fats), and a bit of cheese and mayonnaise. (Yay for delicious fats!)

You add two slices of turkey, a handful of spinach, and spread on some mustard. We love mustard because it is full of flavor and has zero carbohydrates.

You also pack a small Tupperware with probiotics, which will help keep your gut health in check.

You fill up two 32-ounce Hydroflasks of water, which is only half of your intake for the day. With the four cups you had this morning and these two bottles combined, you will only need to drink four more cups between the end of work and bedtime.

You’ve got this!

Before heading out, you reach for a bottle of HVMN Ketone Esters (your secret weapon for amping up your ketone levels while you are stuck at a desk all day.)

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After a busy morning, which included a meeting, two client phone calls, and consuming half of your first water bottle, it is time for your keto lunch.

You head to the office kitchen and pull out your sandwich.

Not bad!

That keto bread is actually super convincing. You don’t even miss “normal” bread anymore. You pop the probiotics in your mouth and wash them down with, you guessed it, even more water.

You are still a little bit hungry, and you have another ten minutes before your next appointment. You head back to your desk, where you keep a stash of NuTrail - Keto Glazed Pecans in your bottom drawer (in case of a snacking emergency). Yum!

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The sweet, cinnamon-y flavor is just what you needed for a quick pick-me-up. Plus, you are flooding your system of 17 grams of healthy fats, and only one gram of net carbs.


You wash the nuts down with the second half of your first water bottle.

The second half of your workday goes by in a breeze. You are busy these days, getting everything back on track after being closed for several months due to Covid-19.

Amid the chaos, you were able to consume the second water bottle in between tasks. After the whirlwind that was your afternoon, your two co-workers ask if you want to join them for dinner and drinks at the pub down the street.


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Navigating a Keto Dinner

Ruh-roh! Pub food and the keto diet mix like oil and water, right?! Well, not necessarily. You just have to make careful, mindful choices. But it is totally doable!

You get to Murphy’s Pub and find your friends. They have already ordered a beer each. You will have to pass on that because A) you don’t drink beer (as it is loaded with carbs), and B) you only drink occasionally on weekends.

While not impossible to enjoy on the keto diet, alcohol can’t be a habitual thing if you are truly going to see the results you are working toward.

Soda water (the plain Jane of mocktails) it is, for you! The sodium will help restore and replenish some of the electrolytes lost in the flushing cycle of your high fat consumption.

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“Come on! You’re no fun!” says Jen. “Live a little. It has been a long day!”

“I will have to take a raincheck, ladies. I am watching my figure,” you say.

Jen and Michelle all but roll their eyes.

“Seriously… you don’t get here from there,” you say, as you flex your bicep proudly.

“We get it,” says Michelle. “You really do look great, though. Have you lost weight lately?”

You go on to explain all about your new keto lifestyle and how it has changed everything.

You look down at the menu, scrolling rapidly to find something within the confines of your macro counting.

Cobb salad? Meh… it does fit into the regime, but you are really hungry.

Since fall has started, you have really wanted warm food at least once a day.

Ahh! There it is! You have found something that sounds delicious. When your server comes, you are so ready.

“I will have the burger with no bun. I would like to add sautéed mushrooms and extra avocado. Swiss cheese with that. No fries, please. I will sub a side salad with no croutons and blue cheese dressing. Oh! And may I have a side of mustard with that?”

“Let me guess; you are doing the low carb thing…?” Says your waitress. Keto, after all, has started to become mainstream.

“I am indeed!” You say.

Your friends put in their orders. When the food arrives, you salivate for a second over Jen’s onion rings. As you do, you run your hand from the bottom of your rib cage to your belly button.

That six-pack did not come easily, and it certainly did NOT come from eating breaded and fried foods. You smile to yourself. This is really working.

After dinner, you make your way home. While catching up on an hour of news, you consume two more glasses of water and another serving of probiotic supplements.

Soon it will be time to change into pajamas and get into bed. You have made sleep more of a priority lately because it is important for achieving your weight loss goals. 6:30am will be here all too soon.

After one final glass of water, you are off to bed, only to start again tomorrow.

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